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Crisis Program

Ages 14-19
60-day Emergency Program
A holding place until the Department of Human Resources (DHR) places the child.

The Only Full-time Licensed Crisis Program in Alabama for youth needing immediate out-of-home care...providing a supportive, nurturing, and stable environment for all residents.

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The Harris Home For Children Crisis Program is the only Licensed Program in the state of Alabama that provides short term (60-day maximum) Emergency Placement Service for youth who need immediate out-of-home care. The Program provides room and board services in a structured, safe, and nurturing environment with trained Staff.


These Staff Members promote educational and social growth, and community-based services including Supportive Counseling, Recreation, Basic Living Skills Training, and Behavior Management.

• Only Licensed Crisis Program in the State of Alabama
• Short-term (60-day maximum) Emergency Placement
• Room and board provided in a structured, safe, and nurturing environment
• The Crisis Program promotes Education, Social Growth, Counseling, Recreation, Living Skills, and Positive Behavior.

more than just a foster home

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